an uptown story

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A couple weekends ago my baby sis and I took a trip to Minneapolis to move out of my apartment. I have been graduated and living in Rochester for a couple months now, but never had the time to do the official move out. It was bittersweet making my way to the place where I lived the past four years of my life. Closing the door on Apt 440 was like closing a chapter of my life.

To celebrate the move out and to make the most of our time in the city we made our way to Uptown. Though I lived a short bus trip away, I only made the trip a few times. It was fun to enjoy the area without the stress of looming homework and exams. I love the diversity of shops around the area, from national brands to boutiques to chic second hand stores.

We poked around for a bit at Jonathan Adler and CB2, looking for some unique accents for my sister's dorm room. Since I already have all of the decor I need, I had another purchase on my mind. I had been looking for a month or so for a new journal. A bit excessive, right? It is totally a "thing" of mine. I did not have much luck, but as we were walking back to our car I decided to stop into Magers & Quinn, a somewhat unassuming bookstore right up from Calhoun Square. As I walked in I felt like I stepped back in time. The store was a total wonderland, in a world of and cookie cutter chain book stores.  There was a maze of wooden bookshelves throughout the store, and the walls were lined high with books and sliding ladders. I could not help but get distracted from my mission to wander around and take a few pics.

What a fun hideaway! And like all good stories, I had my happy ending...I found a fabulous journal and we all lived happily ever after.


Do you have a hidden gem in your neighborhood? 


  1. It's always fun when you stumble upon a hidden gem like that bookstore!

  2. I just love going to uptown.