the fifties girl

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Growing up, my dad would joke around with my sisters and me, calling us each by a decade that suited our personality best. I was always the "50's" girl. I am not sure if the name is a product of my love for vintage fashion, or if that love came from the moniker, but classic silhouettes have always been one of my style staples.
A few years back I got this wide accordion pleat skirt at the Gap and wore it all the time. Though the skirt went out of style, I could not bring myself to part with it. It sat in the back of my closet until I tried it on about a year ago. It used to fit around my hips, but it now sits higher on my waist, right on with the '50s skirt trend. Needless to say, that skirt made it back to the front of my outfit queue pretty quickly.
It has a bold monochromatic polka dot pattern, which makes it surprisingly versatile. Though I usually pair it with a jean jacket or a solid sweater, I really enjoy the monochrome pattern mixing with my grey plaid button down. I accessorized with a pair of silver kitten heels (which my mom saved from the '80s!...must run in the family), and I finished with a cherry red lip on top!
So the pieces are about as much a blast from the past as my look, but I managed to find some similar pieces to recreate the look, linked here:


What is your favorite fashion decade?

an uptown story

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A couple weekends ago my baby sis and I took a trip to Minneapolis to move out of my apartment. I have been graduated and living in Rochester for a couple months now, but never had the time to do the official move out. It was bittersweet making my way to the place where I lived the past four years of my life. Closing the door on Apt 440 was like closing a chapter of my life.

To celebrate the move out and to make the most of our time in the city we made our way to Uptown. Though I lived a short bus trip away, I only made the trip a few times. It was fun to enjoy the area without the stress of looming homework and exams. I love the diversity of shops around the area, from national brands to boutiques to chic second hand stores.

We poked around for a bit at Jonathan Adler and CB2, looking for some unique accents for my sister's dorm room. Since I already have all of the decor I need, I had another purchase on my mind. I had been looking for a month or so for a new journal. A bit excessive, right? It is totally a "thing" of mine. I did not have much luck, but as we were walking back to our car I decided to stop into Magers & Quinn, a somewhat unassuming bookstore right up from Calhoun Square. As I walked in I felt like I stepped back in time. The store was a total wonderland, in a world of and cookie cutter chain book stores.  There was a maze of wooden bookshelves throughout the store, and the walls were lined high with books and sliding ladders. I could not help but get distracted from my mission to wander around and take a few pics.

What a fun hideaway! And like all good stories, I had my happy ending...I found a fabulous journal and we all lived happily ever after.


Do you have a hidden gem in your neighborhood? 

summer style video

Monday, August 11, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I came home from work, and before I even made it through the door my sister posed the most random request...she asked if I wanted to make a youtube video. She recently got a new camera, and was feeling inspired to make her directorial debut. Despite the fact that I love shooting photos for posts, I am admittedly a bit awkward behind the camera in live action. But being the supportive big sister that I am (or maybe because I felt like I was having a good hair day), I agreed.

We set out on the town to capture fashion in motion, learning along the way. The best part was shooting near downtown Rochester. We shot near a Mayo clinic building, and of course we picked a time when a bunch of docs were walking by for a meeting. At first I was a bit embarrassed to be strutting around in a bright summery dress, but the friendly and surprisingly un-condescending smiles of the passerbys helped me to feel more comfortable.

It is safe to say I enjoyed it, as we have shot three more videos since. They are still in the final edit mode, but I am excited to share them in the coming weeks. Thanks, Noelle!!!

Without further ado, I present Keep Calm & Coco On's first video shoot (linked here as well):

PS: A post with outfit details is coming this week!!