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Monday, February 10, 2014

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Valentine's Day is coming up this Friday. Despite the fact that I am hopelessly single, the hopeless romantic in me still celebrates year after year. Or maybe it is the fact that Valentine's Day is the most pink holiday of them all. And let's be honest, pink has always been my first love.

To celebrate, every day this week I will be sharing a deliciously pink (and red) post. Kicking things off, one of my life loves is nail art. This week I knew I had to do something pink & red & hearts all over.

I alternated red and textured pink hearts on four fingers, then got a little creative with my thumb nail. To apply the hearts, I used a dotting tool to select individual hearts from a glitter polish (the wet polish makes it easy to pick them up with the end of the tool), then arranged them in this pattern:

Products used:
Sally Hansen "Sugar Coat" | Cotton Candies
Klean Color | Twinkly Love


How will you show your nails love this Valentine's day?                                                    


  1. Love your Valentines nails!


  2. So pretty! Love the different color hearts on each nail.