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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Last Sunday, the lovely Miss Chelsea of Girl Growing Up nominated me for a Liebster award! The award is a fun way to celebrate wonderful bloggers with a small and growing following. So here's how it works:
-Link back to the blogger who nominated you,
-Answer 11 questions given by your nominator,
-Choose new nominees and let them know, 
-Post 11 cutesy questions for your nominees, as well as a link to their blog.

I am excited to share a bit about myself through Chelsea's questions! Ready. Set. Go!:
1 | You have one song and one song only you can play for the rest of the month. What is it?
My roommate just introduced me to the song "Had to be You" by Dara Maclean...I seriously cannot get it out of my head! Though I am not sure if it is a love song or a worship song (Dara Maclean is a Christian artist), given that Valentine's day is around the corner, I am going to go with a love song. You should check it out!

2 | What are your top three must-read blogs?
And I thought the song question was tough...For fashion, I am in love with Pink Peonies (aren't we all?), for lifestyle York Avenue, and The College Prepster (a blog that inspired me to start my own). 

3 | How’d you get your blog name?
My blog name is inspired by the popular quote "Keep Calm and Carry On", though I changed out "Carry" to my nickname, "Coco". I started the blog as a way to explore who I am through the celebration of things I love (design, writing, and photography). Read the story of the blogs creation here

4 | What inspires you when you’re not sure what to post?
I don't plan out my posts (something I am trying to get better at!), so really anything and everything inspires me. Especially my adventures in online shopping as well looking through my travel photos. 

5 | What’s your favorite blog post you’ve written so far?
My favorite blog post so far is Mod Mani. I really enjoy writing nail posts, from my inspiration to the actual design. 

6 | If you could relive one day, what would it be?
I haven't had one "perfect day", but the moments I would like to relive are simple days with my family. I am very close to my parents and both of my sisters, and it is so rare for all of us to be together and present in the moment. 

7 | What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen/read/watched lately?
Anything Jimmy Fallon. He is seriously my favorite. A perfect study break is watching a clip of his "Thank You Notes" segment...thank you, Mr.Fallon for being so doggon funny. Also this JFxFull House love. 

8 | What is one thing you really want right now?
I really want to travel! One year ago I was studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, so every time I think about it I feel a strong wave of wanderlust. 

9 | Who do you look up to the most?
One person I really look up to is my Grandpa, David. I didn't realize how much of an impact and inspiration he was to me until he passed away a couple of years ago. I am forever grateful for the impact he had on my faith, his example of a strong work ethic, sharing his passion for growing in knowledge, and his gentle spirit. 

10 | What is something you’re passionate about?
Whether through my studies, faith, relationships, or blog, I am passionate about challenging myself. I see each experience as a learning opportunity and am passionate about growing however I can. 

11 | Gold, or silver?
Gold! I am so surprised by how trendy it is these days. I think I love it so much because of how lovely it looks with my favorite color, pink!

I nominate:
Michelle, of Peonies and Ballet Flats
Katherine, of Scalloped & Bows
Majda, of Classy State of Mind

Congrats to the lovely nominees! I look forward to seeing your answers to the questions.
1 | What inspired you to start blogging?
2 | Where is the coolest place you have travelled to?
3 | What is your dream job?
4 | What's your favorite thing to order at a coffee shop?
5 | Who is your biggest rolemodel?
6 | What is your biggest challenge as a blogger?
7 | What is your favorite thing to do on weekends?
8 | If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
9 | High heels or flats, and why? 
10 | What is your favorite blog post you've written?
11 | Which is your favorite: winter or summer olympics and why? 


I'm curious what your response would be to the questions...feel free to share any below!                                                  

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  1. I still love that manicure, looks so cool. Such a fun post, congrats on your nom!