heart to heart | no pressure, no diamonds

Friday, February 7, 2014

When life gets stressful, I struggle to find the balance between motivation and giving up. As I enter the throes of the semester, I cannot help but feel consumed by my growing to-do list and looming deadlines.

Uncharacteristically, I had a very relaxed first month of my semester. I spent my freetime lounging and going out much more than I should have. I really enjoyed it, and began to question if all of the pressure that I had previously put on myself was necessary? I am in my final semester, and have put in my share of hard work. Why do I need to stress myself out for the next three months?

However, I recently found a quote that really resonated with me: "No pressure, no diamonds."

This quote would have slipped past my radar, had I not recently learned about how diamonds are made. These beautiful, priceless minerals are created deep in the earth under immense heat and pressure. I am sure we can all see the analog here: to create something great, there must be a challenge. However, with my new understanding, the value of this quote goes deeper. Did you know that diamonds are a polymorph? In other words, a mineral which shares the same chemical composition as another, but is made unique through its structure. This structure is differentiated through the process in which the mineral is formed. Without great pressure, diamonds would be...graphite. Yes, the material used to make pencil lead. Which, ironically, cracks under pressure.

So I challenge myself. Why begin to coast now? Why not embrace the pressure? It will only make me stronger and more ready to shine. The college game is not over yet, and the game of life is just starting.


How do you find a balance between motivation and giving up?                                                    


  1. What a positive outlook on college and life! I definitely needed to read something like this!


    1. Thank you, Majda! It always helps to keep things positive :).