mani | cath kidston roses

Monday, January 20, 2014

Let's start the week off with a delicate rose mani. This week I found inspiration from Cath Kidston. I have been crushing on the English designer ever since my sister brought back a Cath Kidston "souveneir" from England two years ago.

Cath Kidston is well known for her english roses and soft tones. This mani builds from of a soft blue base into blushing red blooms.

1. Paint on a light blue base | Blue-Away by Sally Hansen.

2. With a small paint brush I dotted light pink polish splotches, 5/nail, do 3-4 if your nails are shorter. These don't have to be pretty, just remember to leave space around the pink for leaves. | Tickled Pink by Wet n Wild

3. I let the pink polish dry, then painted around the edge of the splotches in red. To add variation, on some dots I left more pink showing. | Ruby Ruby by Sinful Colors

4. Next are the leaves. I Started by painting small lines off of the roses in a light green. Once this dried, I layered on a darker tone. This adds subtle dimension to the leaves. Each rose has two leaves; I add variation by painting side-by-side leaves on some, and putting one leaf on each side for other roses. | Stranger Tides by OPI, High Line Green by NYC

5. Always finish with top coat. My favorite is inm Out the Door top coat. Enjoy!


Which designer-inspired mani would you love to see? 


  1. OMG those nails are awesome. I really want to try that (although I don't know how steady my hands would be to do this kind of detail!). Bravo!

    1. Thank you!!! You definitely should try it out :)