Weekend Recap: Past, Present, and Future

Monday, November 18, 2013

I had the best time this weekend, though it means this week will bring LOTS of homework. It was well spent enjoying the present but also looking towards my future. 

On Friday I had a sleepover with my sophomore Bible study ladies. It was so much fun to get all caught up on eachother's life's, and hopes, and dreams. Not to mention a spontaneous dance party and loads of sweets.

Saturday I headed downtown for a Cru conference with my senior friends. I loved getting to spend 24 hrs processing my future with some of my best girls and God. 

And today it comes full circle... let's not forget my prep school past. I must've been feeling nostalgic today when I threw on a pleated skirt, button down, and polo cardi. Some things just stick with you.

What were your weekend highlights?


  1. Some of the best times are spent with girlfriends just catching up! Love that outfit on you, that skirt is such a pretty color.

    1. Its so true! I love my friends so much!

      Thanks!! The gold/yellow color is so much fun to wear!