Trick or Treat

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fate has a funny way of nudging me to do a Halloween post. I opened Facebook this afternoon to be met by this lovely picture, posted by my dad:

Yes,  that is my maltese, Mika, stoically sitting by the pumpkin she decided to snack on this afternoon. Throw a caption sign around her neck saying something like:
"I didn't have to do a trick for this treat"
and I think this deserves the title of "Best Seasonal Dog Shaming". Why do the best things happen when I am away at school...?

Mika's treat of choice is pumpkin...what's your favorite Halloween treat?


  1. OMG so adorable, that is something my dog, Misa, would do... she once ate a whole pizza. I'm also obsessed with dog shaming, this is a perfect picture of Mika!

  2. Thanks, Alex!

    Oh no! I'm guessing she had to lay off the treats for a while after that ;) ? Dog shaming was a great invention haha.


  3. Mika is too cute!! I have a miniature poodle who managed to eat (the larger size) a whole Tolberone Bar! He spent the rest of the day throwing up, sick to bits. We're just thankful he survived-chocolate can have a deathly effect on dogs! Happy Halloween!

    Majda |

    1. Thanks, Majda!

      Ooooh I love miniature poodles! Oh no! I hope he is ok now!

      Happy Halloween,

  4. Your dog is adorable!! I took my cockapoo, Lexie, for some Halloween shots this weekend. I'm going to share them soon.


  5. Thanks, Heather! Awwww too cute- I love cockapoos! I can't wait to see them :)