Seeing Spots

Saturday, October 26, 2013

It seems I have been seeing spots spots. Gold is so in right now. Gold manis, gold accessories, gold decor...and I can't get enough of it. One of my favorite applications of gold is polka dots! A little bit of glam, a little bit of girly all in one print. 

Here are some simple ways to add some gilt sparkle to your life:

1 - 2 | Wall decals by urbanwalls on Etsy. Feeling crafty? For a homemade version, check out this tutorial.
3 |Gold dot business cards.
4 | Gold dot washi tape. Obsessed. Also sold all over Etsy.
5 | Gold dot (or, in this case scalloped) cupcake liners.
6 | Mani by The Beauty Department.
7 | Love these hair ties that double as bracelets!

What is your favorite look for gold? 


  1. I've seen a ton of gold polka dot decal too! I love those nails, I should bring that picture to my manicurist, they would be perfect for the holidays coming up!

    1. They're all over...definitely taunting me to buy some...I might cave soon :)

      Thanks! I loved them and ended up ordering a gold sharpie to try them out- can't wait until it comes.


  2. Amazing, I'm a huge fan of polka dots :)


  3. I LOVE gold dots too! Kate Spade made a great gold dot iPhone cover a little while back. Did you see that? I have it, but the foil wears a little. Love your picks!


    1. Oooh I did and love it! Kate Spade has the cutest phone cases! Aww man- but a good excuse to increase the phone case collection ;)