Interview "Tips"

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Its that time of year again... Fall? project season! Such is the life of business student. Despite back to back meetings, I made time to watch National Treasure and paint my nails. 

Going subtle this week because I have some networking to do. The real world calls. And it has boring nails. 

In my career skills class, they advised the ladies to keep our look conservative. No flashy jewels, no crazy makeup, and no bright colors. I am all for respecting the rules, but don't they say rules were meant to be broken? Part of the networking and interview process is to show yourself, and one way that I do that is through my nails. Don't walk into an interview with leopard print or neon floral nails, but do allow your nails to be an expression of your self. 

 Here are some tips for your "tips" when interviewing: 
 -Stick to one color. You can do bright, but lets avoid rainbow bright. 
 -Have a lucky color or power color? Paint it on, wear it proud. 
 -Matte polish is great to cut some shine on your nails. It is trendy, but also helps to mute a bright color. 
 -Use discretion. If you are interviewing in a conservative work place, maybe skip the mani. But keep in mind, your toes are fair game :) 
 -Feeling bold? Paint an accent nail with a different shade or shimmer of you color of choice (pictured below)

It took me about a month before I wore a loud mani to work this summer. Play it smart, but also remember to be yourself! 
 <3 Coco

What's the craziest nail you have worn to a networking event, interview, or work?


  1. Awesome tips, definitely agree that you should stay away from the neon colors for an interview. Love the deep red you chose.

  2. Thanks, Alex! Ha yes, neon is not the best choice.